Privacy Policy

This is meant to ensure you that your personal information will not get shared with anyone. We gather, use, and discuss your private details to help the Premiexchange website and to keep it secure and safe.

Collection of Information: As you know that classified ads or any other information posted by you is easily available to general public who browse our website as our servers are located around the world. So, it is your responsibility to provide only that information which you want to share publicly. Also, we assume no responsibility for loss or failures, regardless of what type which are introduced in communication with the use of the products. We collect and store your personal data like your name, email-id, contact number etc. depending upon the services required by you.

Why do we need your personal information?

  • To provide you better and convenient services

  • To solve the problems associated while posting an advertisement or resolve conflicts, and diagnose problems

  • To ensure safe buying and selling of products

  • To update and inform our visitors about our wide range of printing and designing products available.

  • To offer you some amazing offers and much more.

Not to disclose your personal information

We promise you that we will not share any of your personal information until it is complied by any legal notice. We will share your personal information only in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of products.

Features of customization

We also provide you feature for modification, deletion and addition of your personal information.

General: We can change any of the privacy terms before any prior notice.


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